Carly Pearce admits 'I felt like I failed' after Michael Ray divorce

‘Life doesn’t always go the way that we think it will’
Carly Pearce
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Carly Pearce has been learning to process the pain she has felt since announcing her divorce from her ex-husband, Michael Ray, last year. The Country star has opened up about how coming to terms with the split was difficult in many ways.

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During an interview with Us Weekly, the artist says, “It was awful. I mean, I’m being completely honest with you, that it was so embarrassing. It was so shameful.” The “Every Little Thing” singer adds, “I felt like I had failed. I felt like … I would never find love again because I was divorced at so young, and I was just embarrassed.”

Prior to announcing her divorce publicly, Pearce was with Kelsea Ballerini, who helped to support Pearce throughout the process. Carly goes into detail about the advice Ballerini shared with her and explains, “She goes, ‘Do you realize that you could help put a face to something that people think is so bad?' But yet, you’re showing them that they can get through it too. I remember just feeling, like, ‘Wow, OK. If I can get to a place where I feel like that,’ and I really do feel that way now. I have these connections with people in the middle of a pandemic where I feel closer to Country music fans than ever.”

The songstress feels it’s important to remember, “life doesn’t always go the way that we think it will… understand and trust the journey” you’re on. She adds, “trust God, trust the process and use each experience — whether it’s good or bad — as a place of refining you instead of defining you.”

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