Keith Urban credits three pints of Guinness and a bottle of Crown Royal for ‘Somebody Like You’

Times have changed for the now-sober, hit singer-songwriter
Keith Urban
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Times (and beverages of choice) have changed quite a bit for Country superstar, Keith Urban, since the 2002 release of his second number one hit “Somebody Like You” off his album, Golden Road.

While Urban, who is now alcohol-free, admits he relies on coffee and water to fuel his writing sessions nowadays, that hasn’t always been the case.

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“Back in 2001… I flew to L.A. to write with this guy, John Shanks, who I’d never met… So I’m very nervous about writing with someone I don’t know,” Keith told Audacy’s Rob + Holly. “So, I thought, ‘Before I got to this writing session, I’ll go swing by the Irish Pub.’ I swing by the Irish Pub at 9am and had a pint of Guinness, and that was really good, so I had a second one and that was even better, so I had a third one, just to be sure and then I went to my writing session.”

He continued, “I walked in feeling FANTASTIC about everything,” Keith laughed. “We got everything done except the verses and I took the work tape home to my hotel room and proceeded to just like, demolish this bottle of Crown Royal and then wrote the first and the second verse to the song. Woke up the next morning, very blurry-eyed and went, ‘that’s not a bad song.’”

He wasn’t wrong! Here we are nearly 20 years later and the song is still a staple in Urban&#