Audacy's 'Nerd Talk' with Gregr: Our phones are listening, so get paid!

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Gregr is a nerd and he talks, therefore it's Nerd Talk with Gregr.

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This week, Gregr's looking to make some coin while his phone spies on him...

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We've all heard about the stories where people swear up and down that our phones are listening to everything we say, and serving us up ads based on our conversations. Creepy? Yes. The future? Also, yes. But there's a new concept app called SayPal which, in theory, will pay you in Bitcoin every time you casually mention a product or service.

Either way you look at it, "it feels like we're being turned into lab rats, pushing the button with our noses for a bit of sweet sugar-water," Gregr says. "Ooh, Mountain Dew!"

This episode of Nerd Talk was in no way "brought to you by Carl's Jr..."

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