Ben Gibbard treats us to a three song Endsession

Ahead of the new Death Cab For Cutie album, we invited Ben in to have some fun.

Death Cab for Cutie hit us with their tenth studio album 'Asphalt Meadows' on September 16, 2022. Ahead of that release Ben Gibbard came to the station to perform an intimate set - just a man and his guitar in front of a handful of Friends of the End.

The creative process the band employed combined a couple things with remarkable results: isolation and technology. "we kind of employed a very different methodology for writing not all of the songs on the record, but a lot of them," Gibbard told us. "I was starting to hit a little bit of a wall creatively... so we kind of came up with this methodology of trying to write music as kind of an experiment."


"We started this thing where there's five days in the week, lets pick a random order of the five of us and on Monday somebody makes a piece of music... on Tuesday the next person downloads it adds whatever they add and over the course of five days by the end of the week the idea is we'd have some kind of song. But the rules were that you had 24-hours to work on music and you had complete editorial control over it when you had it. So, what started on a Monday might sound very different on a Friday."

"So, we wrote a lot of songs that way and it was really effective. "Here To Forever" was interesting in the sense that we started that song - I don't know who went before me but my day was wed... what showed up in my inbox i didn't like any of it so i'm just gonna throw it all away: my editorial control," says Ben to giggles from the crowd. "The members of the band who went on Monday and Tuesday were a little bit like 'hey...' but i think we were all happy that we had a song at the end of the week and at the end of the day the most important thing was by Friday hopefully have some piece of music that we could use in the context of a record or we could mine for other ideas."

Catch Death Cab For Cutie at the Paramount Theatre Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th as the wrap up the first tour of their new album.