Restaurant goes viral for offering Fruit Loops breakfast pizza


Pineapple is no longer the most contentious pizza topping.

An Iowa in restaurant has gone viral after serving up a breakfast pizza made with Fruit Loops, reported Today. Toucan Sam is shook!

Fong’s Pizzeria recently debuted their new menu item entitled “Loopy Fruits Pizza,” which consists of sweet cream cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, greek yogurt, condensed milk and the popular cereal.

Now this is not a prank, as the restaurant revealed their reasoning behind the unconventional concoction.

"We wanted to provide an option that we thought would be fun for children because of the suburban market. But also we love doing things that are just off-the-wall," the restaurant's co-owner Gwen Page told the outlet. "Like what can we do to give people that truly unique experience? That’s what we strive for at Fong’s."

While social media users had not tried the unusual pairing, they still had strong opinions about the loopy pie.

“Ok, personally, I’m drawing the line with cereal & yogurt in pizza,” commented one user.

“Hard pass for me, too -- love #fruitloops, love #pizza, but some things are best savored separately!” added another.

“i take back everything i ever said about pineapple on pizza. we must unite to fight this common foe,” joked a third.

Even frozen pizza giant DiGiorno shared their two cents and tweeted: “Please do not disrespect the word pizza like this.”

The restaurant is known for creating eclectic dishes and previously received praise from the Food Network for their Crab Rangoon pizza.

“Fong’s Pizza combines flavors & inspiration from the Far East & the West to create what we think is the best!” reads a notice on their website. “Feel free to indulge in a tiki drink or craft beer with our Fongtastic unique cuisine. Cheers!”