Julian Edelman: Tom Brady recruited me to play in Tampa Bay

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When Tom Brady left the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers one of the biggest questions that lingered with fans was whether or not Brady would bring any former teammates with him, specifically his security blanket receiver, Julian Edelman.

Speculation lingered for months, well into the 2020 season, as to whether or not Edelman would try to join his former QB. Appearing on Monday Night Football’s ManningCast for the Giants/Buccaneers game, Eli Manning asked Edelman about this right out of the gate, and Jules did not shy away from sharing the story.

Day 1? Too soon?

Many may have thought Brady would have eventually reached out to some former teammates, be they contractually obligated or free agents, to gauge their interest in joining him in Tampa. The Bucs had good weapons and seemed loaded with potential. But the first day?

Maybe that was a bit of embellishment by Brady’s buddy, and the current “Inside The NFL: correspondent, but you’d have to imagine there’s some truth to it. Brady was able to successfully lure Gronk out of retirement to come to Tampa. And he convinced Buccaneers brass to take a chance on receiver Antonio Brown, infamous for his eleven days as a Patriot in 2019. But as far as his favorite target and best buddy on the team for years?

“Absolutely not.” said Edelman. So there you go, and now you know.

One can only imagine this might not go over so well with Pats fans still aggrieved over any and all circumstances surrounding Brady’s departure. Though it’s likely to cement their appreciation for Edelman, validating the claim on his merchandise that he’s all about “Foxboro Forever”.