Prescott's brother Tad, Dez Bryant in Twitter dispute over advice for Dak


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and the brother of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott are currently in the middle of a little Twitter spat over Bryant writing publicly that Prescott should solicit the advice of his former teammate Tony Romo to help him be able to read defenses better.

Bryant made it clear that he wasn't taking a shot at Prescott, saying that Dak earned his new contract, but that he just believes that the quarterback could be even better if he reached out to Romo.

Bryant then went on to say that he's "confident as ever" that if Romo was the offensive coordinator, Dak Prescott would win a Super Bowl. He then went on to suggest that Romo should be the next head coach and keep Kellen Moore on board to be the offensive coordinator.

Bryant's suggestions, however, weren't appreciated by Prescott's brother Tad, who responded by taking a shot at Bryant and Romo's on-field success.

That comment sparked a wild back and forth between the two and has since resulted in Bryant sharing a text he received from Tad telling him that he and Dak "would appreciate it if you just kept his name and my name off your social media rants. ... This is why Dallas cut you and probably want you to stop ranting about us brother."

However, Tad denied that he sent that message, saying that Bryant created the fake text message because that's not his phone number.

Bryant has since deleted the tweet of the alleged message from Tad.

See the full exchange below.

Dez Bryant
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