Study says Cowboys are America's 'most-hated' NFL team

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Andy Nesbitt, a writer with USA Today's For The Win, might be the most-hated sportswriter in Texas right now. That's because he said that the Arizona Cardinals were not only the best team in football, but were more deserving of the title of "America's Team" than the franchise that has held that title for so many years: the Dallas Cowboys.

But while Nesbitt might not be welcome in the city of Dallas for a little while after that bold proclamation, he might actually be on to something. Never mind that the Cardinals are really, really good and are the only undefeated team left in football. More important is the fact that it would be hard to call a team "America's Team" if it also happened to be America's "most-hated" team... right?

Spoiler alert: according to one study, that title belongs to the Cowboys.

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The study, conducted by the folks at BetOnline, was done by compiling "geo-tracked data on more than 400,000" tweets with negative phrases. You know... a team sucks, a team blows, "I hate" posts, and all the other delightful stuff that you'll find on Twitter. Most of that stuff is probably too explicit for us to even reference on here, so I'm kind of glad we don't have a sample of all the data.

From there, the hateful tweets were broken down by their location, so that the team with the highest percentage of hateful tweets in a certain state then became that team's "most-hated" team. Super scientific? No. Entertaining and probably fairly accurate? Sure.