I'm Listening: Exploring Children's Mental Health with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Dr. Christine Moutier and Victor Armstrong join Audacy for the discussion
Children's Mental Health
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Welcome to Audacy’s I’m Listening, where talk really can save lives. Join us in continuing to normalize the conversations we have around mental health.

Audacy host David O'Leary is shining a light on youth suicide and mental health during October’s Children's Mental Health Month along with representatives from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Dr. Christine Moutier and Victor Armstrong.

LISTEN NOW: Children's Mental Health with Victor Armstrong

Discussing several alarming facts that came out in recent data, Victor shared that “suicide rate increased 8% for young people between the ages of 15 and 24, and then suicide remains the second leading cause of death for 10 to 34 year olds in the United States.”

Expressing how that in itself is alarming, Victor also noted “a disproportionate increase in Black and Brown communities.” Armstrong also took time to discuss the AFSP partnership project with the Jed Foundation and the Ad Council, Seize The Awkward, currently collaborating with Megan Thee Stallion.

LISTEN NOW: Children's Mental Health with Dr. Christine Moutier

During David’s conversation with Christine, the doctor really stressed that children’s mental health, according to the surgeon general is in a  “state of emergency.” Calling it a “crisis” from a public health standpoint that can show up “in some different ways.”  Pointing out that it gives us “as a society” a lot of “room for putting into action what we’re talking about more and more.”

“We understand that mental health is real, its as important as physical health. But what does that look like when when a child begins to kind of fall off their developmental trajectory in terms of their physical and mental health growth," Dr. Moutier asked. "So that’s how I like to look at it with kids, they’re on a trajectory of growth and change and that’s what partly makes it a little more challenging for us as parents and teachers and coaches.”

You can listen to both of these important conversations about mental health within children above.

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