Sully from Godsmack on 'The Scars Foundation' and becoming vocal with our stories

'All these things that we call 'scars,' whether they're emotional or physical, I like to think of them as our battle wounds for life'
Sully Erna of Godsmack
Sully Erna of Godsmack Photo credit Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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While behind-the-scenes at this year’s epic Aftershock festival, Audacy’s Myki Angeline spoke with frontman Sully Erna before Godsmack took the stage, who discussed The Scars Foundation and the many ways it has been tackling issues surrounding mental health.

I'm Listening: Sully from Godsmack on 'The Scars Foundation'

In the wake of the loss of an overwhelming number of fellow artists and friends due to the struggles surrounding mental health, Sully Erna and Godsmack launched The Scars Foundation, a "non-profit charity that works on a global level," he explains. "We deal with all things mental illness, anything that funnels people into a depressive state of mind. From suicide prevention, to addiction, to bullying, PTSD -- The Scars Foundation focuses on multiple categories."

"We try to help people understand," Sully adds, "It's not always just about the donation that helps, which we always appreciate, it's more about being a part of the community. Because when you're in that dark place, sometimes by going to the community that we built and sharing your stories helps other people share their stories -- and that's where we start to make a dent and identifying who really needs help."

"We've lost multiple friends to suicide and never even knew that they were on a medication for it, for depression and things like that," Erna admits, "until you get the phone call to find out that they're no longer with us."

The Scars Foundation, he says "started identifying depression as the silent killer, and it's important that we become vocal with our stories and share these stories. All these things that we call 'scars,' whether they're emotional or physical, I like to think of them as our battle wounds for life. Instead of hiding them and being embarrassed, we should show them loudly and proudly... because it will get other people inspired to tell their stories. That's when you start to make a difference."

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