Jermaine Dupri on how 'confiding in yourself' can help your mental health

'Putting it on the brain makes you start addressing it and makes you look deeper into it'
Jermaine Dupri
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Music mogul Jermaine Dupri joined us to share his insights on mental health and some practices he utilizes to help his own.

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A firm believer in talking things out, "I believe that talking about mental health makes you think about it. Even me, I wasn't really abreast to mental health and like thinking about it," JD said. "So just putting it on the brain makes you start addressing it and makes you look deeper into it."

"I talk to myself a lot, I have a lot of conversations with myself," he continued. "Confiding in yourself is really important because a lot of times you have the answers in front of you," he said, adding that talking to yourself doesn't make you crazy and you get a better sense of yourself when you do so.

Dupri also touched on how social media has played an instrumental role on today's society and it's mental health. "I think that social media has created a new layer in life that a lot of us don't realize," he said. "We have to understand that it is a new world out here. It's a lot of things that's been thrown at all of us and we just gotta' adjust and we have to accept. That's another thing, we have to accept the new world, because the new world is what brings I believe, mental health," because people are being put into situations they've haven't been in or aren't prepared for, he explained.

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