Tanier: "Nationally, we take Rodgers for granted"

Pro Football Network's Mike Tanier joined Bill Michaels!
Photo credit © Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers has been a lightning rod for national criticism the past few seasons, stemming from his relationship with old head coach Mike McCarthy, new head coach Matt LaFleur, and even his family, combined with a dip in play and a perceived sour attitude.

So far in the 2020 season, Aaron has shut down all the haters, posting MVP caliber stats and leading the Packers to a 4-0 record with what Rodgers says is a new attitude and outlook on life.
Is Rodgers starting to get back on the good graces of the masses?

Mike Tanier, National Writer for Pro Football Network, joined Bill on Thursday to talk Rodgers, the Packers, and more:

- What is the latest on the Falcons after they had some positive tests in their camp?
- What are his thoughts on the seasons Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are having?
- How has the national media been treating and reacting to Matt LaFleur?
- How impressive is the Packers undefeated record compared to the other undefeated teams?
- Are the 4-1 Browns for real?

Listen to the full interview below!