Kenosha Kingfish mascot says AJ Dillon apologized for knocking head off in viral stunt


Trey Meier, a summer intern making $12.50 an hour as a mascot for the Kenosha Kingfish, saw his life flash before his eyes last weekend, flattened by Packers running back AJ Dillon in a violent collision the 20-year-old literally didn’t see coming.

“I had no preparation and remember, I can’t even see in front of me really,” said Meier during an interview Tuesday on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “So, basically, I was just blindsided by it.”

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The ill-advised stunt quickly launched Meier to viral fame, though it could have easily landed him in the hospital. “I think the head makes it look like there’s a big dude in there,” said the 5’9,” 150-pound Meier, a cross country runner who has never played a down of organized football. “I don’t think he even knew who he was going up against.”

Nicknamed “Quadzilla” for obvious reasons, Dillon is regarded as one of the strongest running backs in the NFL, forming a potent 1-2 punch with backfield-mate Aaron Jones in Green Bay. The third-year ball-carrier is a nightmare to bring down, as evidenced by the savage hit he laid on Meier, who was still feeling it the next day.

“I was pretty sore the next morning in my chest, but it’s a lot better now,” said Meier, a Kenosha native who attends the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “One of my mom’s friends actually said, ‘If you ever need a lawyer, I’m here for you.’ But I don’t need that.”

Amazingly, Meier’s initial instinct, upon getting obliterated by Dillon, wasn’t to check for broken bones, but to find his mascot head, worried the illusion would be shattered for any of the children in attendance. “Right when I got hit, I was a little stunned. I got up and kind of acted like it was supposed to happen, pumping up the crowd and stuff,” recalls Meier, who says he had never done an Oklahoma Drill before he went toe-to-toe with Dillon. “My head was flying off. So I was just worried about all the kids in the stands who just saw a headless Elvis.”

Video of Dillon bulldozing Meir has surpassed six million views on Twitter, turning a little-known summer-league team in rural Wisconsin into a social media phenomenon. “We hadn’t talked or interacted before the drill. I thought he was just going to be taking it easy on me,” said Meier of his interaction with Dillon, who broke out for 1,116 yards (803 rushing, 313 receiving) and seven touchdowns last season. “But apparently, like two minutes before it happened, he’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna’ knock this guy’s head off.’ Nobody told me and then I just get sent flying.”

Meier later posed for a picture with Dillon and his Packers teammate, Jordan Love, suggesting the college sophomore doesn’t harbor any lingering animosity from the incident, painful as it was getting trucked by a 247-pound monstrosity with legs like California Redwoods. “He apologized later. I got an autograph from him and Jordan Love, who was also at the game,” said Meier. “I don’t think he has any regrets, though. I’ll say that.”

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