Andrew McCutchen shares original reason he bought Thanos Gauntlet for Brewers Dugout


The Milwaukee Brewers have been seen after home runs with a Thanos Infinity Gauntlet hand, but it wasn't originally meant to be used in a celebratory nature.

The glove was brought into the dugout last month by none other than Andrew McCutchen, the veteran outfielder revealed. McCutchen detailed the original purpose for the glove and much more on this week’s episode of Brewers Unfiltered.

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“Yeah, I bought it. I did, I bought it,” McCutchen laughed (31:10 in player above).

“It’s not supposed to be for a celebration, it just became that,” he explained.

“It really started with (Lorenzo Cain) and Keston (Hiura). It was the two of them. Any time (Cain) would be hitting, he’d lineout or hit a ball hard, everyone always has the same “Hey man, way to swing it. Hey, way to swing it.’ And as a major league baseball player – as a baseball player in general – no one wants to hear that after you just lined out. After you just did everything correct and someone’s standing there and catches the ball. You don’t want to hear ‘way to swing it.’”

It originally started with Cain and Hiura, but it soon spread through the rest of the dugout. McCutchen had been there before, and shortly after his 0-for-32 slump that he ended with a walk-off single, he found a way to make it fun.

“Basically, I was like, ‘You know what would be funny? If we got some like huge hand or something every time we would line out. We’d be like ‘Hey, way to swing it!’

“We’re all laughing about it, but you need that in those moments because you’re so mad, especially if you’re struggling.’”

“That’s why we have the hand,” McCutchen continued. “I need that personally because I tend to sometimes get a little too frustrated when I line out. So if I turn to my right and I see somebody with a Thanos hand, how can I not laugh at that?”