A Guide to Cheaper Green Living

Here's how you can help Mama Earth
Green living room
Photo credit Katarzyna Bialasiewicz | Dreamstime.com

What do you think when you hear "going green" or "green living"?  Going "off-the-grid." Making a public protest calling out businesses and people who are viewed as harming Mama Earth. Living green sounds way too expensive for everyday living! These thoughts tend to sway others from doing 1THING that can help them and Mama Earth in the process.  

'The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Green Living' is a labor of love put together to show just how easy it can be to do 1THING each day for Mama Earth. It breaks down "Green Living" in terms of everyday living. It explains and gives suggestions for Earth-friendly actions that will also benefit us when it comes to better health & saving green $$.

It begins with the question ... "Why Go Green?," highlighting 6 main reasons why:

  1. This is the only planet we have. It's our home. 
  2. Real Food is better. Earth-friendly foods are good for you and the planet. 
  3. Some green technologies can save you green.
  4. Going green can increase your home's value.
  5. We need water to live!
  6. Green living is often more humane.

Here's a helpful list of several things that, if we all do 1THING each day, it will make a difference. 

  1. Buy a programmable thermostat.
  2. Switch to ENERGY STAR approved appliances when you upgrade.
  3. Stop buying bottled water.
  4. Pay your bills online.
  5. Use heat and air conditioning in moderation.
  6. Ride your bike instead of driving.
  7. Replace old lightbulbs.
  8. Buy second-hand clothing.
  9. Recycle when you can.
  10. Make your own cleaning products.

Click here for more ways to reduce your footprint and so much more. Keep spreading the word. Try doing 1THING each day. See what a difference it can do for you and your family, while keeping our home safer and cleaner.