Each One Reach One

kat simons

As the Covid-19 global crisis continues, many of us need help to make it from day to day. lnstead of each of us separately struggling to cope with this new reality, how about if we reach out and begin helping our neighbors. After all, our country was founded by people who came together to raise barns, feed the poor, and create a safe place for their neighbors.

How to safely help others with Each One Reach One

Each of us is likely blessed with at least one thing we don’t need that might benefit someone who is in need right now. Each of us has a talent we could share with a neighbor or a friend. Why not reach out and offer to help someone? Wearing a mask and gloves, there are many things we can do for others.

Fill out this form (attached), put it in an envelope, along with a copy of this page, and deliver it to someone you feel might need some help.

Even if no one takes you up on your offers, by reaching out to each other, we will have come together in spirit if not in person.  By focusing on ‘each one reach one’ we can come together in love and peace and make a difference in our world.