What a Catch! Interview with Winner of “The Great American Baking Show” Vallery Lomas

kat simons

When we think of the best way to keep our families happy and healthy at the kitchen table, fruits and vegetables are often at the top the list. But seafood can also be a budget-friendly, nutrient-dense option for those looking to find delicious healthy options – especially when you consider the need for clean, affordable and filling protein options!

With so many options at the supermarket, purchasing and preparing seafood can be intimidating. How do I find the best product for my lifestyle? Is this a responsibly sourced option? And of course, what about the cost?

For oceanic inspiration, look no further! Vallery Lomas is here to help you incorporate affordable, shelf-stable protein options into your pantry that will help you put wild, responsibly caught seafood into easy recipes, whether you’re at home cooking between virtual meetings and classes or back to your on-the-go routine.

Harlem dwelling, Louisiana born-and-raised Vallery Lomas is best known for winning “The Great American Baking Show.” She is a cook, baker, author and former lawyer whose style of recipe development pays homage to those who have come before her, as well as be inspired by seasonal ingredients. She has appeared on the Today Show, Food Network and also has contributed numerous recipes to the New York Times. Her social media following on @FoodInNewYork garners over 50K followers and growing.