WATCH: Baby interrupts live weather forecast in adorable news blooper


An adorable toddler is reminding parents that working from home is no easy task, especially if you’re live on TV.

ABC7’s Leslie Lopez was reporting the weather from her home in Los Angeles, California on January 8th when her 1-year-old son Nolan decided he wanted a little air time.

The aspiring TV star crawled towards his mom’s ankles and jumped to give her the biggest hug his little arms could manage.

Lopez laughed off her son’s sweet cameo saying, “Looks like there’s a baby down below.”

The seasoned reporter didn't skip a beat in her forecast despite the unexpected distraction, and finished reporting while holding her son.

“Baby on the move!” Lopez wrote on Twitter.  “There is no stopping adorable Nolan now that he can walk during Mommy’s (@abc7leslielopez) forecast. #Love #goodmorning #ThursdayThoughts #Babies #TheBest @ABC7”

"For the first time ever, he's pulled himself up from sitting to standing," Lopez told Good Morning America. "On one hand, I'm so proud of him...and I'm so glad he didn't face-plant on live television."

Like many people working from home, Lopez said she’s been reporting from her house without a crew amid COVID-19.

Many viewers on Instagram responded with an overwhelming amount of support for the cute video.

"What you have here is a peeling back of the curtain. Mothers have always been superwomen. You can just see it up close now," one tweet read.

"This was a relief to see," another tweeted. "Mom didn't miss a beat either."

Lopez told her followers, “Work/home life-balance can be difficult, but in some ways this pandemic, at times, has offered incredibly special moments. Thanks for enjoying this with us.”

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