Dolly Parton has her own ice cream and it's breaking websites, because Dolly Parton

Fans are melting over Dolly Parton, once again.
Dolly Parton
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Fans are melting over Dolly Parton, once again.

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The queen of Country music released her very own ice cream flavor, strawberry pretzel pie, via Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams on Thursday and within minutes, Jeni’s experienced a website malfunction.

“Did y’all just break our website?” Jeni’s tweeted as their website traffic shot up to more than 50 times its average.

The experience left a not-so-sweet taste for many fans as they were informed the flavor was “sold out” after they entered billing information. Many took to Twitter to share their frustration.

“To those of you trying to order Strawberry Pretzel Pie online, we are so sorry," Jeni’s tweeted. "This sucks. The flavor is NOT sold out. Our website issues have lasted longer than expected, but we are working on it and will let you know via email and social media when we’re back up and running."

Efforts to scoop up a piece of Parton weren’t limited to the website. Supporters also lined up for blocks at their local Jeni’s scoop shops trying to get their hands on one of the limited 10,000 pints available as part of the launch, with proceeds benefiting Parton’s Imagination Library.

Jeni’s has since posted an apology to customers on their website. “Thank you for TRYING to buy our Dolly pints today. We realize this release was disappointing and we’re so sorry it’s been a frustrating experience. Strawberry Pretzel Pie won’t be back online today, but we’ll give you 48-hour notice via social media and email before we re-release the flavor,” the company wrote.

“We knew you were excited about our flavor with Dolly Parton and we had anticipated the Strawberry Pretzel Pie pints selling out fast … We had planned and tested for this level of traffic and expected our site to be able to handle it. When the site went down, we had confidence it would be back up quickly. We never imagined it would take as long as it did … We appreciate you supporting us and Imagination Library. Thanks for hanging in there with us.”

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