Ellen DeGeneres says she's 'feeling 100%' following COVID diagnosis

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Ellen DeGeneres has given fans an update on her health since revealing she contracted coronavirus.

"Hi everybody, just saying thank you to all the well wishes out there, I appreciate it very much," DeGeneres shared in a video posted to Twitter. "I'm feeling 100 percent, I feel really good."

However, the 62-year-old also disclosed she's struggling with "back pain."

"One thing that they don't tell you is you get, somehow, excruciating back pain. Didn't know that was a symptom but I talked to some other people — back pain," she added. "Who knew? how come?"

In keeping with her upbeat mood, the talk show host ended the clip playing Connect Four with wife Portia de Rossi, who was filming the video.

Back on December 10th, DeGeneres announced she came down with a case of COVID-19. At the time, she said she was "feeling fine right now."

DeGeneres took to Twitter to reveal her diagnosis, writing, "Hi Everyone, I want to let you all know that I tested positive for COVID-19."

She continued on to say that she's taken all of the proper precautions to alert anyone in her life of potential exposure. "Anyone who has been in contact with me has been notified, and I am following all proper CDC guidelines," she said.

She then went on to say that she would be back in action after the holidays and offered her wellwishes to fans. "I'll see you all again after the holidays. Please stay healthy and safe," she wrote.

DeGeneres is far from the only Hollywood star who has been directly affected with the novel virus. Earlier this month, Maria Menounos revealed that both of her parents are currently hospitalized with COVID-19

Menounos was flying to Los Angeles when she understood the severity of the situation.

"We land, and that's when this all started. I'm just going to share that we're in process right now, and we still need prayers,” Menounos said on the latest episode of her “Better Together” podcast.

"First it was my mom. They had rushed her to the hospital when I landed," she added. "I found out, and then a few hours later, my dad tested positive. It was absolutely surreal."

Menounos shared that her parents' diagnoses have frightened her. “It's been pretty insane,” she shared. “I've kept focusing on what my desired outcome, and not what my fear was, and that helped me a lot. I think as it has extended, and I’ve become more and more tired, fear creeps back in."

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