Parents Hit Peak Stress at 11:54 A.M. and Don't Relax Until 8:39 P.M.: Study


In this crazy, locked-down, Covid world, parents are doing more than ever.

They're teachers, chefs, employees, on top of existing parental duties. And a new study has shown that parents are feeling the effects of doing a thousand jobs at once.

A new study finds that parents in the UK hit "peak stress" time during the day at 11:54 A.M., and often don't get to relax until 8:39 P.M, reports The Daily Mirror.

The 2,000 parents asked for the survey — which was conducted by UK paper towel brand Plenty — attributed the long, stressful days to "keeping their kids entertained, cooking meals, and clearing up after the family."

The participants also cited "cleaning the kitchen, making sure children are in bed on time and putting a wash on are also among the jobs which need to be completed before mums and dads switch off."

Although kids were a major cause, other factors contributing to stressful parents included money, keeping the house clean, and not getting enough sleep.

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