Grocery store loses power amid freezing weather and lets customers leave without paying


When the power at a grocery store went out due to the recent winter storm in Texas, employees didn’t hesitate to come up with a solution.

Shelby Lasker, a customer at the store, was shopping on Tuesday afternoon when the power outage happened.

She explained that she was at the store, which was pretty busy, to stock up on supplies ahead of the brutal storm, which led to widespread outages, burst pipes, flooding, and empty grocery stores shelves.

She recalled being in line for roughly 30 minutes and several spots away from the register when everything went dark.

The power outage affected the payment terminals, which meant many customers who were planning to pay with credit or debit cards were out of luck.

However, employees managed the situation with kindness.

“You just hear (people at) registers say, ‘Go ahead,” she told Austin360.

She explained the H-E-B staff left people in line “leave with baskets of groceries, no bags.”

According to Lasker, around 20 to 30 people left with baskets of supplies and necessities.

“I think they could tell how upset people were,” she added.

She noted that this act of kindness was yet another example of “just how amazing H-E-B has been through the pandemic.”

Another customer was at the store during the power outage and shared a similar experience on Twitter.

She wrote that one of the employees told her to “go ahead” without paying for her groceries or having them bagged.

“We could not believe the generosity of H.E.B and the kindness of that wonderful gesture. They could just as easily asked us all to leave the store as soon as the power went out and asked us to just leave the groceries in the carts,” she wrote.

She added that employees even let everyone shop for 10 to 15 more minutes more before allowing them to leave the store without paying “a single dollar.”

The grocery chain’s Twitter account confirmed that the story was true.

This wasn’t the only act of kindness coming out of Texas this week.

Papa John’s employees in North Texas took it upon themselves to bake a ton of pizzas and then go door-to-door to nearby hotels offering them to guests in need of a warm bite.

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