Video captures man pulling over for gas in the middle of police chase


High speed chases can be extremely dangerous for those on the road, but when the news manages to capture one live, there isn’t much better entertainment for those watching at home.

In a recent high speed chase that went viral, the driver not only managed to get away, but was able to show off a bit during the chase. As seen in the video for NBC Los Angeles, the driver pulled over to get gas, went inside the gas station, and left before police arrived.

The high speed chase occurred in Los Angeles, as a local news channel followed the action live. While most were hoping to see the police catch the driver, who was wanted for theft from a Home Depot, instead news helicopters were able to capture the driver stop to get gas without getting caught.

The driver built up such a large lead on police, the gas station trip occurred with plenty of time to spare, as the man left before police could catch up. Eventually the cops gave up on their chase out of concern for public safety. While no one condones what the man did, most can’t help but acknowledge his expert getaway skills.

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