Peter Vermes talks protocols and preparation for MLS is Back Tournament

(610 Sports) The MLS is Back Tournament begins July 8th in Orlando, FL. Manager and Sporting Director Peter Vermes came on-air to talk about the season and the protocols that have been put into place to combat the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

"What happens, part of our protocol is that every night before the guys go to bed they fill out a questionnaire that asks, 'Other than the training facility, where have you frequented that day?' For example; they say the grocery store and then list those things out, it's both for the players and the staff. Then in the morning when they wake up, they have to fill out another one before they come to the facility, it's a questionnaire that asks about how they feel in the morning, do they have any signs or symptoms and they list that out. Finally, they get here to the facility and we check their temperature and we test three times per week already," Vermes explained on the Cody & Gold show. "So there is quite a bit that we do to try and make sure that we're smart and the last thing is that I keep reminding the guys and the staff that we all have to be vigilant right now and be smart about the places that we frequent, wear a mask and the other piece is making sure you're not in places where you don't know the people. Some places you just can't help, grocery store, normal everyday things that you have to do but not going to a party, for example, that's something that we've talked to the guys about and they just need to stay disciplined with that."

With a few rules changes and expanded rosters, two extra substitutes are now allowed per match throughout the remainder of the season and Vermes was asked how he planned to utilize that and if there was an advantage to be had or opportunities for some of the young guys? "I think it can be, I also think it can completely change, whether it be positive or negative, the outcome of the game. You could be in good form and want to get a few guys to rest them and next thing you know, you could lose all of that momentum on the field, and then vice versa, five subs can come in handy because it's going to be extremely hot down there, for one. Number two, the guys aren't game-fit yet, and having the ability to change out five guys could be very very advantageous, especially for games two and three, while we're trying to get the guys game-fit. It's gonna be a combination of the two, it's really gonna help assess where the guys are, physically."

Sporting KC plays their first match vs. Minnesota United FC on Sunday, July 12th at 7:00 pm.