Ashley McBryde shares how talking and meditation help her mental health

'Talking is the most important thing you can do'
Ashley McBryde
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By , Audacy

During a recent conversation with Ashley McBryde, the Country singer discussed the benefits of simply talking, and shared the most useful tool she uses to help her manage her mental health.

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“I think talking,” Ashely said, is “the first step to normalizing anything.” And more than that, it helps her be able to take on the tasks she has to accomplish. “If I’ve had a really rough day, or whatever it is… whether we’re going to interviews or I’m going to play a show. I sometimes have to information dump, or feelings dump, so that I can do the thing properly that we want to do. Because when we keep it all in there, something is gonna screw up, whether that’s forget a lyrics or cause damage in some other way,” she said. “My band and I are huge advocates of, when something is wrong, going and telling somebody about it.

Also sharing some tools she uses to help her manage her mental health, not caring if “it sounds cheesy or cliché,” Ashley revealed she benefits from meditation. “Whatever that looks like for you, whether that is an app you listen to… or YouTube… or you find it easiest to sit and stare at a candle flame… or whatever that it, it works.”

"If I can just start my day with some awesome breathing," she continued, mentioning that she calls “that feeling when you fill your lungs up - home base.” Sharing that “throughout the day if something becomes overwhelming, I ask myself, ‘can I get to home base?’" Demonstrating a deep breathe, she answers "‘oh, I can, I’m actually totally fine.’ And then it doesn’t get to take over, the thoughts don’t get to spiral.” Finishing up her thought by circling back to her first point, Ashley reiterated, “talking is the most important thing you can do.”

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