NBA Top Shot users share experiences waiting in line with 200,000 others for new release


How much bigger can NBA Top Shot get? Judging by the obscene virtual line that gathered for Friday’s much-anticipated release, demand for crypto-collectables has reached a fever pitch.

Some 200,000 users (including a few employees of Entercom) logged onto TopShot for a chance to snag one of roughly 10,000 premium packs released Friday. Each pack contains six moments and is sold for $99, a marked increase from the previous “Cool Cats” series, which was priced at just $14.

Bargain hunters camping out at Best Buy and Wal-Mart the night before Black Friday used to be a rite of passage, but that trend has quietly disappeared amid COVID and the convenience of all-purpose online retailers like Amazon and Rakuten. However, that’s precisely what Friday’s mad rush felt like with TopShot’s 12 PM ET drop driving unprecedented volume to the site.

Similar to the app SNKRs, which invites fans to bid on limited release sneakers, most TopShot users came up empty in their pursuit of the coveted premium pack.

Though Friday proved to be a frustrating experience for many in the growing digital memorabilia realm, a precious few struck TopShot gold.

If you’re new to TopShot and wondering what the fuss is about, this primer courtesy of BetQL should clear the fog for you.

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