HS QB, coach fire back at ESPN, Randy Moss for distasteful 'C'mon Man' segment


Randy Moss and ESPN just committed their own “c’mon man!”

The popular segment has been a playful staple of the network's football coverage for years, but on the most recent Monday Night Countdown, it appeared to have crossed a line.

While typically reserved for pointing out goofs and follies of NFL players, and occasionally college players, ESPN and Moss decided to use a viral clip from an Arkansas high school state playoff game.

The winning team was up by one point with seven seconds remaining and facing a fourth-and-32 when the quarterback dropped back and kneeled with two seconds still remaining on the clock. It resulted in a turnover on downs and the other team kicking a game-winning field goal.

Moss called out the teenage quarterback by name.

“Man, you supposed to know the rules of the game,” Moss said. “Hey, Bladen Fike, y’all got eliminated from the playoffs because ya didn’t understand the game? Man, quarterback Bladen Fike, y’all know what it is. C’mon man.”

The segment did not sit well with many viewers on social media – with both Moss and ESPN being called out for its distastefulness.

Among those critical of the network was the head coach, Casey Dick, who praised Fike and took the blame for what happened at the end of the game.

Fike also chimed in, taking the high road and explaining his mistake while keeping his head high.

To be fair to Moss, it may not have been his idea to use that clip, but rather a producer’s on the show. Still, his commentary over the clip was not a good look for himself or the network and that was evident on social media.

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