Jimmy Fallon convinces NFL stars to use nonsense phrases in zooms

'Take it easy Rollercoaster Tycoon!'

“I run yards like Swiss Chard”, “A touchdown pass is like Pokémon.
I gotta have them all”, “Must be maple syrup, because butter don’t drizzle like that” and other weird phrases have been heard from NFL stars lately and now we know why.

Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, revived his “Drop It In” segment, in which he had NFL players slip wacky phrases during zoom calls with the media.

Rob Gronkowski, Dalvin Cook, D.K. Metcalf, Ryan Tannehill, Allen Robinson, Terrell Edmund, Jalen Ramsey and Travis Kelce were all revealed on Monday night as participants in the gag.

Some of the other hilarious phrases included, “Sometimes you gotta throw the sauce at your boss,” from Rams’ CB Jalen Ramsey, while Chiefs TE Travis Kelce said, “Sometimes you just gotta be like take it easy, Rollercoaster Tycoon” in reference to head coach Andy Reid getting on the players.

“On the team right now, they call me Old Fashioned . . .
that’s my new nickname, Old Fashioned,” said the Steelers' Edmunds and Bears receiver Robinson.

The one that got the most attention, though, came from Gronk, who said “must be maple syrup, because butter don’t drizzle like that.”

Gronkowski got backed into a corner a bit as he was asked a follow-up question to explain the bizarre saying.

Fallon has pulled this stunt before with MLB players and golfers on the PGA Tour slip in ridiculous phrases as well.

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