Albert Haynesworth: Michael Vick was more 'dangerous' than Lamar Jackson


Former NFL star Albert Haynesworth is feeling great and ready to fire off some hot takes.

The two-time All-Pro defensive tackle says he's definitely on the mend after a recent kidney transplant, putting him on the path to full health after first revealing his dire medical situation in 2019.

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old former Tennessee Titans standout appeared on Audacy's "Upon Further Review" podcast with host Zach Brook to talk about his new lease on life, the Titans' prospective acquisition of wide receiver Julio Jones, and who he sees as the best defensive linemen in the NFL.

Haynesworth, who played his college ball with the Tennessee Volunteers, also weighed in with some interesting takes on Titans coach Mike Vrabel -- hint, he's not a fan -- and legendary quarterback Michael Vick.

While Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger may have been the toughest quarterback to sack, according to Haynesworth, Vick was the most difficult to "corral." Vick was the most "dangerous" player he ever faced, and was even "a lot faster and quicker" than 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson, he added.

Trying to take down Vick "sucked," Haynesworth joked.

"I'm telling you, Vick was something special on the field. We absolutely hated playing against the guy. I'm so glad he wasn't in our conference. And when we did have to play him, it was like, 'you might as well get your track shoes on.' No matter what you do, the guy's is going to break through. He's going to make plays.

"I mean Lamar Jackson does too. But Vick was smaller. Vick was like, 6 foot, 5-11 or so? So when he ducked down, you couldn't even see him. And then he pops out, and he's gone. He's kind of like Chris Johnson at quarterback. Like he's that fast."

While Vick's athleticism remains the stuff of legend, it still doesn't do him justice as far as Haynesworth is concerned.

"He doesn't get enough pub at all," he said. "He strikes fear in defensive linemen's hearts."

Elsewhere, Haynesworth discusses his infamous ill-fated stint in Washington after signing a massive contract in free agency, and claims he actually passed up a more lucrative offer to join the Football Team.

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