Chiefs insider explains why he's 'cautiously optimistic' about the pass rush


Over the last couple years, the Chiefs' defense has become notorious for being a slow-starting unit. Early portions of the season have looked rough on that side of the ball, only for Steve Spagnuolo's unit to round into form later into the fall and early winter. The front office went to great lengths to improve the pass rush this offseason, with the hope that, in a stacked AFC West, the Chiefs wouldn't have to play as much catch up as in years past. Speaking to 610's Cody and Gold on Thursday, team insider Pete Sweeney explained why he's cautiously optimistic that things will be different this year.

"The whole team really runs through the defensive line," he said. "That's the marquee of a Steve Spagnuolo unit. They invest in defensive linemen, they invest in safeties, and cornerbacks can sometimes just be draft picks that are still on their rookie contracts in a lot of ways. And I think we're seeing that. And I agree, I think there's no reason for the defensive line to start slow. I think this Carlos Dunlap signing is bigger in the sense of setting the tone. Love some Chris Jones ... but sack nation hasn't felt really sack-y in a while. But Carlos Dunlap has had six sacks each year since 2011. As soon as he can get into the mix and feel like he's comfortable in Steve Spagnuolo's unit, I think he can set the tone for, like, 'let's actually get to the quarterback this year.' Chris Jones can feed off of that. New, skinny Frank who's got the big legs can feed off that. Karlaftis can have a handful. So I'm cautiously optimistic about the pass rush. And to your point, there's no reason why they should start slow."

You can listen to Sweeney's entire interview in the embedded player below: