Chiefs Insider: Chris Jones learned that the NFL is changing in loss to Colts


A lot has been made about Chris Jones' 4th quarter penalty in the wake of the Chiefs upset loss to the Colts last Sunday. The Chiefs defense had forced a punt before Jones was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, resulting in a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down; the Colts would take the lead shortly after. Many were quick to pin the loss on Jones, and while speaking to 610's Fescoe In The Morning on Tuesday, Chiefs Insider Pete Sweeney explained what he thinks the big takeaway from that moment was.

"I think in that sense, Chris Jones sort of ripped them from [the win]," he said. "After all these mistakes, they were somehow going to win the football game. And he was the final straw, the last mistake that they couldn't overcome. And I think that's very real. And what I think he learned is that the NFL is changing. He said that in the locker room after the game. At a certain point, if you have the game wrapped up, just go celebrate with your teammates. There's no reason to take the chance to go into the face of another opponent and brag, especially nowadays when, I don't know, it does feel like refs, in a way, are looking for stuff like that. Looking to make you an example as far as what you're not doing in the new, today's NFL. I actually tend to think whatever he said was pretty bad. Not to say that it necessarily deserved a penalty, but I tend to think whatever it was, was bad enough for, like, an elderly woman to turn her head in public. I don't think it's something that should have been said. Now is that a penalty? That's another question entirely. Still, I think the general idea is that you don't say anything, and I think Chris Jones learned from that."

You can listen to Sweeney's entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today