Chiefs Insider gives his early read on Super Bowl 57


The two-week long lead-up to Super Bowl 57 is already well underway in Kansas City. As everyone looks ahead to the Chiefs and Eagles matchup on February 12th, the predictions and analysis is already in full force. While speaking to 610's Fescoe In The Morning on Tuesday, Chiefs Insider Pete Sweeney gave his early take on why Kansas City's primed to beat the Eagles handily and give Patrick Mahomes his second Lombardi Trophy in four years.

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"I like the Chiefs, especially since they're getting a week to rest here," he said. "If this game had been next Sunday, I would be feeling like they may be in trouble. I just think they'd be too banged up, and the Eagles are too complete of a team. I've looked at the Chiefs' schedule and I just feel like they've gutted out a lot of tough wins over some tough teams. I think there's a little bit of disparity between the AFC and the NFC. Now, the Eagles have taken care of business, but if you really bring up their schedule and zone in ... you look at it and you're like, man, did they really beat any good teams any time soon? There's been a lot of teams that you would say, I can't even believe this team was in the playoffs. And yeah, they earned as the first seed. But the Chiefs had the first seed – they're playing much tougher teams than the Eagles had to. I think there's an angle here where the Eagles may be overwhelmed by how solid the Chiefs are. And maybe Kansas City can take advantage of that, get out to an early lead, and really control the game. I'm thinking Chiefs by a touchdown here early."

You can listen to Sweeney's entire interview in the embedded player below:

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