Chiefs' Twitter came for everyone on tailgate cartoon depicting schedule


The Kansas City Chiefs had a couple clever ways of announcing their 2021 schedule, one of which was a “box break” with former electric return man Dante Hall opening a box of 17 football cards depicting the team’s opponents.

The Chiefs’ twitter also posted this cool photo of a cartoon tailgate at Arrowhead, with Patrick Mahomes grilling some KC BBQ alongside players from their opponents enjoying their own regional delicacies:

Cool idea, with Big Ben enjoying some pierogi, Stefon Diggs’ plate of Buffalo wings, Aaron Jones eating fried cheese (what else?) and the avocado toast going on in LA on Keenan Allen’s plate. And then there’s Danny Dimes…who not only appears to be deep-throating a New York slice, but if you zoom in closely, you’ll also notice that his shoelaces are tied together.

Maybe a nod to the 20-yard line tackling him against Philly last season, but that’s not the only Easter Egg – it’s a double diss for the NFC East, as Ezekiel Elliott’s plate of Texas BBQ has a blue ribbon that says “not as good as KC BBQ.” And honestly, make it a triple/quadruple diss, because they only included 12 opponents, and among the layups missed to include Baker Mayfield’s sausage fest and whatever is on Derek Carr’s plate, the cartoonist omitted Philly cheesesteaks and DC Half-Smokes, two easy draws.

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