Could Chiefs be on upset alert this weekend against Steelers?

Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt gave his answer to Cody and Gold on Tuesday.

The Chiefs are heavy favorites going into this weekend's game against the Steelers, with some places giving the Steelers almost two touchdowns. Given the way things tend to go off the rails in the playoffs, should so much confidence make people in Kansas City a little bit nervous about a potential upset? Talking with Cody and Gold this week, Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt wasn't buying it.

"I've had a pretty good radar for [upsets] in the past so I'm trying to give the smell-test for Pittsburgh-Kansas City, but I'm not picking up anything, I can't," he said. "[Pittsburgh] has a couple good players, don't get me wrong, but it just feels like as close to a 22-man can be to a 1-man team, that's Pittsburgh. [TJ Watt] is so good and so dominant -- even if he sacks Mahomes five times, Roethlisberger has almost nothing. Right now, Roethlisberger makes final season Peyton Manning look like Atlanta Michael Vick. He's that spent."

You can listen to Brandt's entire interview in the player below:

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