With Julio Jones, could Titans be a real problem for the Chiefs in the AFC?

Arrowhead Pride's Pete Sweeney called in to discuss.

Though it sounds like the Chiefs were never seriously in on any trade discussions for Falcons' star wide receiver Julio Jones, his move to the AFC makes a third straight Super Bowl appearance even more tough than it already looked. The Titans were already looking like one of the more dominant teams in the conference, and even though they won't play the Chiefs in the regular season, there's plenty of reason to believe the two teams will meet up at some point in the postseason. So should the Chiefs be concerned about their place atop the AFC? Arrowhead Pride's Pete Sweeney called into 610's Fescoe In The Morning to give his take:

"I personally had the Titans maybe falling off the map this year when it came to making the playoffs," Sweeney said. "This is a team that, I think, is shaping up to be similar to the one where we saw in the final year of Bob Sutton in Kansas City, where the offense is very, very high-powered but the defense is still letting you down. As we saw here, that can get you pretty far. And so I think it suddenly propels them from a team that was maybe falling out of the playoffs to one that can hang with the best offenses in the league as far as a shootout go.

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"Now it's going to come down to the coaching staff being able to make the most of what is one football. You're now dealing with a running back that likes to carry the ball 30 times a game in Derrick Henry. You're probably going to be wanting to throw more because of the weapons you have in Julio Jones and AJ Brown and now Josh Reynolds. I think it makes them interesting. There's nobody on the top tier with Kansas City, having won two straight AFC title games, having bolstered that offensive line, and continuing to add some of those weapons that we've talked about. But this for sure, I think, puts the Titans right in that mix of Tier 2 with the Bills and the Browns."

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