How many 1,000 yard receivers will the Chiefs have in 2022?


The Chiefs' wide receiver room underwent a well-publicized makeover this offseason, with the headlining move being the trade of All-Pro Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins. With Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes still running the offense, however, there are plenty of reasons to remain optimistic about just how prolific the unit can be. Outside of Travis Kelce, are there any other 1,000-yard receivers on the roster? Speaking on a special '610 Day' edition of Cody and Gold, Chiefs Insider Pete Sweeney broke it all down.

"I think the biggest thing you look at is that the Chiefs offense is changing," he said. "You kind of assume they're going to running the ball a little bit more. I think you've got to put the max for Mahomes at 5,000 and change. You sort of assume Travis Kelce has 1,200 of those. As you're distributing that out, it's like, OK, so where do the other 3800-ish go? And you're right, it's hard to believe that any three pass-catchers on one team are going to have 1,000 yards. So who becomes the Robinson on that? Who's the new Pringle as far as yardage distribution? In my heart of hearts, I do believe there's going to be another 1,000 yard pass catcher, and you're sort of left wondering which of the remaining guys after Kelce that it's going to be."

You can listen to the entire interview (10:00 mark) in the embedded player below: