LISTEN: Justin Reid on why Chiefs defense is playing so well in 2022


Despite a disappointing loss in Indianapolis on Sunday, the Chiefs' 2022 season has gone pretty well so far. The team's tied with Denver atop the AFC West heading into October, and the division itself hasn't looked nearly as daunting as people thought it was going to be. One of the most surprising wrinkles to the year has been the performance of Kansas City's defense, which has looked terrific all year despite some key injuries. Joining 610's Fescoe In The Morning in-studio on Monday, safety Justin Reid explained why that's been the case.

"We really felt that during training camp," he said. "We have a young group. But part of that is we have so much energy, and everyone's bought in. There's no egos. It's not about who messed up on this play, it's about how do we get the next play to be a defense and get the ball back to the offense. So I'm proud of what we did, but there's still some things on tape that we can go and clean up a little more to make it a little bit tighter."

You can listen to Reid's entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today