Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell explains what makes Chiefs' Bryan Cook so special


The Chiefs were heavily praised for the work they did adding to their secondary in this year's NFL Draft, and while a lot of that came from their decision to take Washington cornerback Trent McDuffie in the first round, there was a ton of praise for their second round selection -- Cincinnati safety Bryan Cook. Speaking to 610's The Drive this week, Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell talked about what makes Cook special and why he'll be a perfect fit with the Chiefs.

"Well, he's a phenomenal leader," Fickell said. "So he's got the confidence to speak on the field and do that first and foremost. All of our adjustments come in the back end, from the safety, so his knowledge his huge. I think it's hard to pinpoint. You can say he's a good box guy and a good tackler, because he is. He's big and physical. I think the thing that takes him to the next level is his ability to play man coverage as a safety is really, really, really good. And that stems back from playing corner early in his career, being a guy that can press and play that way, but learned how to play off coverage from a safety position."

You can listen to Fickell's entire interview in the player below: