Mahomes on Cincinnati Mayor: 'It definitely motivated' Chiefs in AFC Championship


In the lead up to last Sunday's AFC Championship game, there was plenty of trash talk coming from the Bengals side of things. Players, on more than one occasion, publicly referred to Arrowhead Stadium as 'Burrowhead,' in part because of Joe Burrow's then-perfect record against the Chiefs. The biggest example of trash talk, however, may have come from the mayor's office. A few days before the game, the mayor of Cincinnati released a video jokingly suggesting that Mahomes take a paternity test to see if Burrow was his dad. It was a bland, if not a little weird, bit that got a lot of people's attention – including Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs. While speaking to 610's The Drive on Tuesday, Mahomes talked about what his reaction to the video was, and how it motivated the team on Sunday night.

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"I saw it pretty quick," he said. "It got to Bleacher Report, and I follow them. So I saw it pretty quickly. I didn't actually watch the whole entire thing – I just saw the quote. But then people started sending it to me, so I had to watch it. Obviously I think he was trying to be funny and have a good time, but it definitely motivated not necessarily me as much as my teammates around me. They were willing to have my back, and I think you saw that at the end of the game."

You can listen to Mahomes' entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today