Patrick Mahomes explains how Chiefs are countering NFL's "Tampa Bay blueprint" approach


A common narrative throughout the Chiefs' lackluster 3-3 start to 2021 has been about how defenses have started playing Pat Mahomes. Ever since Tampa Bay showed the league what type of defensive effort it took to stop the Chiefs offense, teams have tried to replicate what the Bucs did to mixed success. Talking on 610's The Drive on Monday afternoon, Pat Mahomes explained what teams are doing differently, and how the offense can change to counter the so-called "Tampa Bay Blueprint."

"Every defense has a similar style where they're going to put two safeties over the top," he said. "They're going to play a lot of zone coverages and then some man a little bit on third down. They're all kind of doing a similar thing. It's not necessarily about me doing those plays where I'm scrambling around, but more us executing and driving the length of the field. They're not going to let us have the big play over the top that we're so used to having with the speed that we have. We have to be able show we can drive the ball like we did in the second half. Long drives, and get touchdowns at the end of them."

You can listen to Mahomes' entire interview on The Drive below: