Mahomes recalls epic shootout with Mayfield-OU, as Chiefs get set to take on Browns


(610 Sports) -- Before Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield were leading their respective NFL franchises into the postseason, they were leading Texas Tech and the University of Oklahoma into a matchup that would end up setting several FBS records, which still stand.

To fully set the stage, Baker Mayfield spent his first college season playing quarterback at Texas Tech, even hosting Mahomes on his official visit to the school. According to Mahomes, the two "studied, and studied the playbook, stuff that usually happens on an official visit." Mayfield would go on to transfer in 2014 to the University of Oklahoma, the same year Mahomes enrolled at Texas Tech and played 8 games under center for the Red Raiders.

The two schools would face off in a 2016 game that Mahomes says people still ask him about, to this day. Playing under center for the Red Raiders, Mahomes threw for an FBS record 734 yards on 52-of-88 passing and 5 total TDs. Mayfield, for his part, threw for 564 yards and an OU record 7 passing touchdowns on 27-of-36 passing. In total, the two sides combined for an FBS-record 1,708 yards of offense, as Oklahoma held on for a 66-59 win.

Asked about his recollection of the game, Mahomes had this to say, "It was a crazy one, they had a really good football team, obviously, we were going out there and we wanted to battle. We were at our home stadium and we fought till the end."

Mahomes says that 2016 game in Lubbock, TX, is one of the most memorable of his career and ranks right up there along with the two AFC Championship games he has played in with the Chiefs, then of course there's Super Bowl LIV.

When asked about facing the Browns this weekend, Mahomes expects to face a well prepared Browns team. Their defense is very opportunistic and they have arguably the best 1-2 punch at running back in the NFL.

"For us, we just have to go out there and compete, learn the different schemes that they play now, and know that were gonna have to play our best football if we want to win against a very good football team."