Mahomes, Reid look to avenge Chief's only loss this season, following team's bye week


(610 Sports) - Andy Reid is an exceptional head football coach, regardless of what metric you use to gauge his success and his 18-3 regular season record following a bye week, is just another testament to his coaching prowess. Having that extra time to prepare this week, is an opportunity for Coach Reid to add to his impressive resume and give his team a chance to avenge their only loss this season.

If that extra week to prepare wasn't advantageous enough, add Patrick Mahomes, the most exciting young quarterback in the NFL, to the equation and it's almost certain doom, regardless of opponent... This week, that opponent just happens to be the division rival Las Vegas Raiders, the architects of the Chiefs only loss, this season.

Appearing on 610 Sport's The Drive, on Monday, Chiefs signal caller Patrick Mahomes was asked what he thinks about more, the wins or losses in his career?

Mahomes response without hesitation, "Uh, the losses for sure."

Sitting at 8-1 and the team's only loss coming to a division opponent at home, Mahomes was asked what these weeks have been like leading up to this game against Las Vegas, where the team obviously wants to correct the things that they did wrong in the teams first meeting?

"Obviously we didn't play the way we wanted to play the first game and we had to kind of get back on track those next few games. The good thing about playing a divisional opponent, is you get to play them again, so we're looking forward to playing them this week."

In regards to Andy Reid's success following a bye week and the opportunity to exploit that this week against the Raiders, Mahomes had some thoughts.

"I think if you just keep giving that guy (coach Reid) more time to watch film, to dissect defenses, and figure out different plays to run here and here, and stuff like that. I mean it truly works in his favor most times and we'll try to keep that streak going and go out there and try to win a football game."

There will be a lot of eyes on the two teams as they matchup up on Sunday Night Football in Las Vegas, where the Raiders are just 2-2 in their new stadium.