Patrick Mahomes weighs in on whether NFL should change their overtime rules


After last night's overtime thriller in Kansas City, a lot's being made of the NFL's overtime rules. As it currently stands, obviously, both teams aren't guaranteed to get the ball during the extra period. Ironically enough, the Chiefs unsuccessfully lobbied the NFL on changing that rule back when they lost to the Patriots in the 2018 AFC Championship game. So given the last 24 hours, do the Chiefs still feel that way? Talking on 610's The Drive on Monday afternoon, Patrick Mahomes explained how he feels about the current set up.

"It is what it is to me," he said. "Obviously you want to have a chance if you don't get a chance to get the ball, but that's been the rule for a long time. They've actually adjusted to make it where you have to at least score a touchdown. It's a team game. You have to be able to get a stop on defense, and do stuff like that as well. It's not about the offense every single time. It's a full team game. You know what the rules are going into the season. You know if you get into an overtime situation, you have to get that stop in order to give your offense a chance. We got the ball first and we went down there and scored a touchdown."

You can listen to Mahomes entire interview in the embedded player below: