Matt Nagy shares the moment he knew Patrick Mahomes 'had it'


(610 Sports) – Patrick Mahomes may not have been the starting quarterback in Kansas City during Matt Nagy's tenure as the Chiefs' offensive coordinator, but that doesn't mean he didn't see something special in the rookie quarterback.

Joining 610 Sports' Fescoe in the Morning, the former Chicago Bears' head coach reflected on his time as an assistant under Andy Reid in Kansas City and what he saw in a young rookie quarterback named Patrick Mahomes, as he learned under incumbent starter, Alex Smith.

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"You got a year to coach with Patrick Mahomes, when did you know like "oh my goodness" we've got something here," asked show host Bob Fescoe?

"Yeah, no doubt about it, for (Brett) Veach to have the eye for him and see him, get him here in there, and make that happen was amazing, it was really neat," said Nagy.

"At the same point in time when you're watching Patrick in practice, everybody always talks about the no-look passes and you see how he is," Nagy continued. "For me personally, to watch him in the media room with Alex (Smith) and build that relationship and see where he got, but I go back to the season, his rookie year in 2017 when we played the Denver Broncos that last game of the regular season and we were already in the playoffs. Patrick got to start and he made a throw on third-down, it was the first third-down of the game, he made a throw down the middle of the field that was an absolute dime to Demetrius Harris for a first-down."

"I'm telling you, we were looking at clips throughout the year, going through some different play concepts and that one fell in there. He made that throw and it just reminded me of how special he ended up being, but that moment we felt it," said Nagy.

"He made two other throws in that game to Albert Wilson on third-down where he scrambled and threw over the middle and in that game, we brought in Tyler Bray as we were up 14 points and ended up losing the lead. Coach got Patrick back in there if you remember and he got us down down the field and we ended up kicking a field goal to win it. That's the moment we all knew it, we all knew this guy had it and as you watched him grow and turn into what he is right now, it's so neat to see and he's just such a special player and special person."

Hear the rest of Matt Nagy's interview with Fescoe in the Morning by clicking the player below: