Nate Taylor explains why he’s not worried about Patrick Mahomes' ankle


With Wednesday being the first official day of practice leading up to this weekend's AFC Championship game, we'll all soon get a better sense of how Patrick Mahomes' ankle is doing when the team releases their injury report this afternoon. Both Mahomes and Andy Reid have been somewhat adamant that he'll play this weekend, although movement on the betting line has created a bit of doubt. While speaking to 610's Cody and Gold this week, The Athletic's Chiefs reporter Nate Taylor explained why he's not actually too worried about Mahomes' health.

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"Really what it suggests is, like, he's playing," he said. "There's no more cloudiness unless he has some severe setback in practice this week ... I think part of [the betting line moving] is you just haven't seen Mahomes. There's no injury report that I can point you to ... He is one of the most flexible athletes that [trainer] Bobby Stroupe has ever worked with. Flexibility does come into play when you're trying to build strength, obviously change direction. He does so many unorthodox things with his body, that obviously it takes a trainer's own vision and uniqueness to sort of bring out the best and improve some of those areas. So he's not the traditional quarterback, and that may help him out in this sense."

You can listen to Taylor's entire interview in the embedded player below:

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