Orlando Brown Jr. and Tyreek Hill have work to do on their TD celebrations


(610 Sports) -- The Kansas City Chiefs are currently working through OTAs as they prepare for the upcoming season and one of the new faces on the team, left tackle Orlando Brown Jr., is clearly excited to be part of a team that has appeared in the last two Super Bowls.

Brown is so excited in fact, that on a touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill, the 2-time Pro Bowler forgot exactly how large he is, and met Hill in the air for a body bump. Hill, about half of Brown's size, was sent flying through the air and crashing to the ground.

Don't worry Chiefs' fans, Hill was quick to bounce back up and continue on. Brown, for his part, is most likely more aware of the size difference between himself and Hill, so we should be seeing less aggressive celebrations heading into the regular season.