Patrick Mahomes opens up about relationship with Tyreek Hill ahead of Dolphins showdown in Germany


Of all the transactions of the Andy Reid era in Kansas City, there is one that stands out as particularly polarizing.

The full story of the trade that sent All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins is yet to be fully written, but so far it's difficult to argue with the returns from the Chiefs' perspective.

Kansas City won its second Super Bowl in four years last season, just months after the Hill trade rocked the NFL.

Hill, meanwhile, has continued his prolific production in Miami, and through eight weeks of action this year is on pace to achieve his stated goal of breaking the single-season record for receiving yards.

Hill will get a chance to continue his quest when he takes on his former team in Frankfurt, Germany in Week 9.

While Hill has rocked the boat with some head-turning comments about the Chiefs since the blockbuster trade, the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have taken the high road -- and continues to do so.

According to Mahomes, he is still on good terms with Hill, and Mahomes says his relationship with Hill was "extremely important" on his path to becoming the superstar quarterback that he is today.

"You still see it to this day - the way he's able to win one-on-one and just make plays happen," Mahomes told host Carrington Harrison during his weekly appearance on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City on Monday afternoon. "Everybody sees the physical - the speed - and how he's able to go out and make these catches, but not everybody sees how hard he works. He's one of the hardest-working guys I've ever been around. As a young guy to see someone who's that talented work that hard, it kind of put a stamp on me to go out there and continue to work hard. So I'm happy for Tyreek. He's had a hell of a season so far this year, and he had one last year. It'll be a great matchup for us to go against that football team."

So are Mahomes and Hill still tight?

"We talk every once in a while, more in the offseason than during the season," Mahomes said. "That's just how the season goes with football players. But we still have a good relationship. He was a brother to me. He helped me have a lot of great times in Kansas City, not only on the field but off of it as well, in kind of welcoming me into the culture that the Chiefs had before I even got here. So I'll always be rooting for him. And hopefully he can go out there and he can put up 2,000 receiving yards, but hopefully not a lot of them are on us."

As far as Mahomes is concerned, the Hill trade was a rare instance of an NFL trade benefiting both sides.

"It's rare, but I truly believe it did. Obviously, I loved having Tyreek on my football team, just because of the person that he is, and far as a friendship. For me, I'm happy for him that he got to a place where he's closer to family, he got to make a lot of money, and he's still going out there and competing every single week and dominating the NFL. So I'm happy for him, and obviously we had our success last year, and we're having a pretty great season this one so far, and so it's rare in the NFL that it works for both sides, but I'm glad it did because like I said he's one of my brothers."

While Hill has used his gift of gab for the occasional cheap shot at the Chiefs, Mahomes isn't about to use those remarks for bulletin-board material.

"I think we just continue to be who we are and handle our business, and let the trash talk kind of handle itself."

Meanwhile the Chiefs find themselves in relatively unusual terrain in the Mahomes era -- coming off a loss.

Sunday's stunning defeat at the hands of the Broncos in Denver has left the Chiefs in need of a win heading into a tough matchup against the high-powered Dolphins.

The loss has once again brought renewed scrutiny on the Hill-less receiving corps, which has lagged in production outside of superstar tight end Travis Kelce.

Mahomes, though, doesn't sound too worried about his pass-catchers.

"All you can do is continue to work. I think we have the guys who can go out there and put up big numbers, and we've done it in certain games this year. So it's just about continuing to work and not being satisfied with where we're at, continue to build that chemistry, and keep it moving in the right direction. ..."

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