Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes reveals what his Whataburger order is


It's a big week in Kansas City. Yes, the Chiefs have won three straight games, are back atop the AFC West, and look like they may have figured their early season struggles out just in time for another playoff run -- but that's not what's important today. Today, there's only one important piece of news worth talking about: the city's first Whataburger has opened. The line to get in may wrap around the block two or three or six times, but whatever: the city's first Whataburger has opened. It's music to Patrick Mahomes' ears, who joined 610's The Drive to discuss -- among other, less important football-related topics -- the big occasion.

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"Oh I'm excited, for sure," he said. "I've definitely had this date marked down on my calendar. I already saw the line was pretty crazy, so I might have to wait a couple of days before I go there. But I'm definitely going to try and get a burger, some fries, and that ketchup for sure."

And just because we knew you were curious, he did give an impressively-detailed look into what his go-to order is.

"So it kind of depends, there's several different things I get," he added. "I've had a lot in my life. So obviously I get the #1 with cheese, ketchup, and pickles only with a large fry and a large coke. But they also have this thing on Texas Toast - a barbecue chicken strip sandwich, which I like a lot. And then Britney always makes us get the honey butter chicken biscuits in the morning."

You can listen to Mahomes' entire interview in the player below: