Patrick Mahomes pitching for the Royals? 'I could get it up to the mid-90s'


Like most professional athletes, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes excelled in more than one sport during his amateur days.

In fact, the two-time Super Bowl winner was an accomplished pitcher in high school, even tossing a no-hitter in a legendary pitchers' duel against future Chicago White Sox hurler Michael Kopech.

Of course, Mahomes' ties to the diamond run deeper than just his own feats -- his father, Pat, played 11 seasons in the big leagues from 1992-03.

So, it's fair to say baseball is in the two-time MVP's blood. But would he ever consider pulling a Michael Jordan or a Bo Jackson?

While a dramatic move doesn't sound imminent, that doesn't mean the ability isn't there.

"I think I could still throw in the low-to-mid 90s," Mahomes told host Carrington Harrison of "The Drive" during his weekly appearance on 610 Sports Radio. "I truly believe that."

Mahomes doesn't think velo would be much of an issue if he were to retake the mound, but he's not sure how sharp he would be.

"I don't know how many strikes I would throw. But I think if I just let it go, let it rip, I could still get it up to the mid-90s. I'll have to go out to Spring Training at some point and try to prove it."

Despite his uncanny arm and early success on the diamond, Mahomes never seemed to waver much in his commitment to the gridiron. Coming out of high school in 2014, he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round, but nothing came of it, as he was already on his way to play quarterback at Texas Tech. In Lubbock, he played one season on the Red Raiders baseball team but saw minimal game action.

Two Super Bowl titles (and three appearances) later, Mahomes' choice seems to have worked out just fine.

This week, the Chiefs are coming off a bye and preparing to take on the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football.

For his part, Mahomes says the past week was marked by "a lot of family time and a lot of rest."

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