Should Chiefs make a move for free agent cornerback James Bradberry?


The Giants surprised a lot of NFL pundits and fans alike this week when they announced that they were releasing cornerback James Bradberry. Bradberry, who counted close to $10 million against a cap-strapped Giants team, played pretty well for the team, and almost immediately the attention turned into where he'd sign next. The Cheifs, despite drafting Washington cornerback Trent McDuffie in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, are still considered relatively short on depth at that position, which begs the question -- should they make a move for the vet corner? Speaking with 610's The Drive this week, Ben Solak of The Ringer gave his take.

"There isn't a single team in the league that should not be trying to add James Bradberry," Solak said. "That includes the New York Giants. I don't really get what's really happening there. I know Bradberry's a little bit frustrated with them, and they were a little bit frustrated with Bradberry last year, and certainly his 2021 play wasn't on the same caliber as his 2020 play, but Bradberry's still a really corner ... to me he's a top 15 corner for sure. At his peak he was pushing into that top 5 consideration. So I would place him fringe top 10 at this time ... He makes a ton of sense for the Chiefs. Even beyond the maybe athleticism is depreciating, maybe the play has gone down a little. But like you said, it's a young room. It's a lot of young guys, and it's always great to have a veteran in the building who can establish practice habits, tape-watching habits, preparation habits ... I love the idea of getting a veteran in the room, period. If that veteran is James Bradberry, who to me would walk in and be the best corner on the Chiefs, all the better. So love the idea of James Bradberry on the Chiefs if they can get that done."

You can listen to Solak's entire interview in the embedded player below: